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Услуги на компанията

Audit Services

The audit of financial statements is the key service, which builds our partnerships with clients. The purpose of our audit services is to provide a high level of assurance to the users of financial statements on the fair presentation of → read more

Financial management and Accountancy services. Consulting services.

Our approach to accounting and consulting services is to develop a model of accounting to reflect the activities of our clients and to ensure the establishment of quality information for their management needs. Our accounting services include both consultation on → read more

Tax advice

In addition to the detailed review of compliance with tax requirements, which is an integral part of our audit services, we are able to assist clients on all aspects of tax planning and record-keeping for tax purposes. Our approach to → read more

Organization of training and seminars

Realizing that the environment in which we live and work is of significant importance and that it depends on all of us, we, individually or jointly with our partner companies, organize and participate in various forms of professional training, which → read more